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Acreage | Holdings

Shaping Success at Acreage Holdings

My role as a key contributor to Acreage Holdings and its dynamic subsidiaries was defined by my ability to craft and execute impactful brand campaigns and social media content strategies. I had a laser focus on forging strong connections between brands and their target audiences, not only elevating brand awareness but also nurturing enduring brand loyalty.

Transforming The Botanist:

One of the standout achievements during my tenure was the transformation of The Botanist, Acreage Holdings’ flagship brand. In just six months, I orchestrated an astounding increase in The Botanist’s Instagram following, taking it from under 3,000 followers to an impressive community of over 30,000. This monumental growth underscored my proficiency in creating engaging and resonant brand experiences.


The Birth of Superflux:

Another defining moment was the successful launch of Superflux, a groundbreaking cannabis product brand that celebrates the art of cannabis and its intricate flavors. Leading the charge for Superflux’s social media channels, I drove digital content creation and community management initiatives. The result was a meteoric rise in Superflux’s Instagram following, surpassing 23,000 followers in under 10 months.

Empowering Local Dispensaries:

Beyond national brands, I took the lead in cultivating the social media presence of individual local dispensaries. Through consistent monthly growth in followers and engagement metrics, I worked in close collaboration with dispensary managers to empower them to create their content, plan social calendars, and brainstorm creative content ideas. Remarkably, this growth was entirely organic, a testament to my ability to foster meaningful online communities.


My journey with Acreage Holdings was marked by a relentless commitment to brand growth and innovation. Through strategic campaigns, captivating content, and a deep understanding of audience engagement, I played a pivotal role in propelling these brands to new heights, and I look forward to sharing these experiences with you.


Alvaro Morata


March 07, 2021




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