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During my tenure as the West Coast Sales Director at Jerry Media, an industry trailblazer in Social Media Influencer Marketing celebrated among Gen-Z and Millennials, I played a pivotal role in driving impactful initiatives that propelled the company to new heights of prominence and expanded its reach in popular culture.

A Social Media Powerhouse:

Jerry Media’s presence on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter was nothing short of compelling, earning the company a distinctive place in the hearts of Gen-Z and Millennials.

Strategic Prospecting Expertise:

As part of my core responsibilities, I masterminded a sophisticated high-level prospecting program. This strategic endeavor involved meticulously crafting and delivering personalized value propositions to top-tier executives. This approach effectively piqued their interest in Jerry Media’s diverse range of products and services.


Impressive Outcomes:

The results spoke volumes. Through this strategic approach, we achieved impressive outcomes, boosting Jerry Media’s reach and securing enterprise-level accounts across diverse verticals, including technology, sports, media, manufacturing, hospitality, and entertainment.


Influence Beyond Borders:

My influence extended beyond Jerry Media’s walls, earning recognition as a prominent Social Media influencer within the San Diego community by “The San Diego Union Tribune.” Nationally, my contributions gained recognition in esteemed media outlets such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, CBS National News’ “CBS This Morning,” Mashable, and ESPN, underscoring my significant impact in the realm of social media and influencer marketing.


A Unique Comedy Entertainment Brand:

Jerry Media stands apart as a unique multi-platform comedy entertainment brand with a strong presence across major social networks and digital media platforms. My collaborations with both enterprise entities and startups on branded content further solidified Jerry Media’s prominence. These associations included notable brands such as Bumble, Burger King, Fanduel, MTV, RetailMeNot, Hallmark, and Funny or Die.

My time with Jerry Media was marked by innovation, strategic thinking, and impactful partnerships. Together, we shaped the landscape of influencer marketing and made a lasting impression on popular culture.


Alvaro Morata


March 07, 2021




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