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During my tenure as a pivotal member of the Masimo Consumer team, I had the privilege of managing the social media presence for Polk Audio, a prominent brand in the audio industry. My role involved developing and executing strategic social media strategies that were closely aligned with Polk Audio’s brand identity and its business objectives. This resulted in a significant increase in engagement across various social media platforms, strengthening Polk Audio’s online presence.


My responsibilities also included maintaining comprehensive influencer relationships, meticulously managing content calendars, and actively engaging with the online community—efforts that were dedicated to enhancing brand loyalty and fostering meaningful interactions with Polk Audio’s customers.


Furthermore, I was responsible for the continuous monitoring of Polk Audio’s campaigns, conducting thorough performance analyses, and conducting in-depth assessments of customer sentiment and market trends. Leveraging data-driven insights, I facilitated ongoing improvements to our social media strategies for Polk Audio, ensuring that our efforts remained effective and aligned with the brand’s objectives. My work with Polk Audio contributed significantly to its success in the highly competitive audio industry.




Polk Audio


April 2022


Sean Farrell


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