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Tagg | the Pet Tracker

In my transformative role at Tagg, which was later acquired by Mars Petcare in December 2014, I orchestrated a remarkable evolution within a relatively short timeframe. I not only elevated our Better Business Bureau rating from a B to an A but also completely revamped the Customer Service Call center. This transition from a conventional service-oriented team to a pioneering hybrid Customer Service and Sales force redefined our approach to customer interactions. The call center emerged as the company’s foremost source of sales, surpassing even our website and major e-commerce platforms like Amazon.

However, the true transformation lay in my vision of redefining the call center’s purpose. Shifting the focus to a combined service and sales approach, we turned the call center into the primary driver of Tagg the Pet Tracker sales. This accomplishment showcased my ability to reimagine traditional customer service paradigms and drive exceptional results.

My leadership extended to the strategic decision to relocate the call center to a nearshore location while maintaining top-notch customer service capabilities. This move not only optimized operational expenses but also highlighted my adaptability in meeting evolving business needs. 


During my tenure, I championed innovative customer service tools, introducing an online community support portal that reduced call volumes and significantly improved customer satisfaction. This approach extended to Tagg’s social media platforms, facilitating swift issue resolution.


My journey with Tagg culminated in the gratifying acquisition by Mars Petcare, a collective aspiration that celebrated the culmination of our hard work and dedication.



Tagg the Pet Tracker


July 2013


Sean Farrell


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