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My Journey with Trapster

In 2009, I embarked on an extraordinary journey with the groundbreaking startup, Trapster. As an Associate Product Manager, my role was instrumental in shaping the company’s destiny. Within a short span, we achieved phenomenal success, and Trapster emerged as a leading force in the world of mobile applications.

Driving Success:

Through a multifaceted approach, Team Trapster, a team of 4 total dedicated employees, strategically navigated Trapster toward unparalleled success. The result? Trapster skyrocketed to become one of the top 3 downloaded driving applications on various mobile platforms.

A Holistic Approach:

In my capacity, I orchestrated a holistic strategy, optimizing market share through web design, content strategy, customer service, and press outreach. I was committed to delivering a well-rounded product experience that truly resonated with users.

Innovative Marketing

My innovative prowess shone as I devised ingenious and cost-effective social media marketing strategies. The result was astonishing – Trapster’s user base catapulted from 250,000 users to an incredible 9 million users in just one year.

Redefining Navigation:

One of our most significant accomplishments was the transformation of Trapster into a leading navigation and social networking mobile application and website. By providing real-time alerts about police speed traps, traffic conditions, red light cameras, speed cameras, and police hiding spots, we redefined convenience in navigation.




April 2009


Sean Farrell


Market Expansion

Recognizing the potential for growth, I meticulously engineered sophisticated marketing practices. These efforts not only changed customer behavior but also broadened Trapster’s user demographics across domestic and international markets.


Recognized Excellence

Trapster’s meteoric rise didn’t go unnoticed. Esteemed news outlets such as Time Magazine, Wired, and CNET featured us, acknowledging our revolutionary impact in the navigation and mobile application domain.


A Monumental Achievement

The pinnacle of our journey was reached in 2010 when Trapster was successfully acquired by Nokia. This acquisition solidified Trapster’s legacy as a groundbreaking force in the navigation and mobile application industry.


My time with Trapster was more than just a job; it was an exhilarating journey that shaped my career and showcased the power of innovative thinking, dedication, and teamwork.

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